Your Style Teasing Brush

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The Remington Your Style Teasing Brush creates texture and volume and is perfect for sectioning, backcombing and dressing out styles.

Ionic bristles bring negatively charged ions to the hair and aim to close off each hair cuticle resulting in the hair looking more shiny and healthy. While natural boar bristles help to distribute the natural oils from the scalp through the hair follicle resulting in more healthier, smoother hair. The course bristles can also help to stimulate the scalp by increasing the blood flow, which can help with hair growth. 

The Remington Your Style Teasing Brush is the perfect versatile styling aid for creating any look!

  • Great for Sectioning & Back Combing

    Great for Sectioning & Back Combing

    The teasing brush is the perfect styling aid for creating any look! You can use it to tease the ends of your hair, back comb your hair to emphasise volume from the root and to dress out your hair.
  • Discover More Looks

    Discover More Looks

    Discover how to create a selection of fashion-led looks to fit with every style and occasion using the Remington Your Style range of styling and drying tools. Click here to find out more.
  • Teasing brush with Nylon Ionic & Natural Boar bristles
  • Nylon Ionic bristles perfect for reducing frizz
  • Natural Boar bristles minimise snags & enhance shine
  • Teasing brush ideal for sectioning , back combing and dressing out
  • Creates texture and volume
  • Nylon & Boar Bristles
  • Teasing & Sectioning
  • Texture & Root Lift