Your Style Vent Brush

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The Remington Your Style Vent Brush adds body and root lift when blow drying and de-tangles hair. It’s also ideal for brushing out curls to create loose waves. 

Ionic bristles bring negatively charged ions to the hair and aim to close off each hair cuticle resulting in the hair looking more shiny and healthy.

The highly heat resistant ceramic brush head retains the heat of a hairdryer and speeds up the drying process, whilst with standing temperatures of up to 125 ºC.

The Remington Your Style Vent Brush is a beauty must-have for creating a number of gorgeous hair styles. 

  • For Full Body

    For Full Body

    The vented brush head allows more heat to flow freely in the same direction from the dryer directly onto the hair. This improves drying time and creates a smoothing effect on the hair. Using a vent brush to dry your hair will create more lift and volume.
  • Discover More Looks

    Discover More Looks

    Discover how to create a selection of fashion-led looks to fit with every style and occasion using the Remington Your Style range of styling and drying tools. Click here to find out more.
  • Vent Brush with Nylon Ionic bristles
  • Ceramic & vented brush head reduces drying time
  • Nylon Ionic bristles reduce frizz     
  • Vent Brush ideal for blow drying & de-tangling hair
  • Ideal for brushing out curls to create loose waves
  • Rubberised handle for maximum comfort and grip
  • Ceramic & Vented Brush Head
  • Create Loose Waves
  • Nylon Ionic Bristles
  • Rubberised Handle
  • Full Body & Root Lift
  • Vent Brush