Fast Curls Heated Rollers

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Looking for fuss-free, beautiful curls? The Fast Curls roller range is designed for you. Combining a velvet finish with Comfort Clips design, it’s the quick and easy way to create the volume you need for show-stopping hair. Wax-filled centres mean you can achieve long-lasting styles with quicker setting times.

Our innovative wax core is designed to heat up quickly and retains a high temperature to set curls faster. A luxury velvet coating creates gentle friction as you easily twist rollers in place, giving you quicker application that’s kinder to you hair.

Achieve your desired volume and curls, whatever your hair length, with 20 rollers in 3 different sizes. The smaller the roller, the tighter the curl, while larger sizes are perfect to give you more volume and wave.

  • Curls Set In 5 Minutes

    Curls Set In 5 Minutes

    Not only do these rollers heat up but they can set curls in just 5 minutes! You'll be left with long-lasting styles.
  • Wax Core

    Wax Core

    Wax-filled rollers retain high heat to help set curls faster and maintain your style for longer. By allowing hair to cool down and shape within the roller, you’ll benefit from an extra long-lasting look that stays fixed in place.
  • 20 easy-grip rollers, in 3 rollers sizes: 4 small, 10 medium, 6 large
  • Luxury velvet-coated designs for easier curling and snag-free results
  • Built in quick-start clip for reduction in rolling time
  • Innovative wax core to retain high heat, help set curls faster, and maintain curls longer
  • Comfort Clips for easy roller fastening
  • Ionic conditioning for frizz-free shine
  • On indicator light paired with fast heat-up
  • Cool Touch ends for more comfortable styling
  • 20 Easy Clip Rollers
  • Wax Core to Retain Heat
  • Ionic